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Every month or so we email a newsletter to our fan base/mailing list with news and to give a perspective from traveling musicians. The archieved newsletters are available from the drop-down menu.

El Tejon Pass
El Tejon Pass, on I-5. I have a love-hate relationship with this road.
Dear Companions, 

As the touring year starts to wind down, I am reveling in time at home. I've even started to get some ideas for new songs, now that there is a little free space in my head. Maybe I'll even have some ready to go for the last few concerts of the year! And I have found time to start up my blog about hiking in the Sierra Nevada mountains, with updates on the short saunters I took this last summer. I mostly missed the mountains this year, and wading back through my photos and memories gives me a chance to revisit, at least in my mind. It's a good antidote for the barrage of daily news.

One our recent Northwest tour, I was contacted by a young man in Port Townsend, WA, and asked to perform a wedding ceremony for him and his sweetie. So while riding along in the back seat of the van, I went online and became a Universal Life Church minister. And in a short backyard ceremony the following morning, between breakfast and packing the van, they made their vows to each other. It was a true honor and a brand new experience to help lovers tie the knot. I wish I had permission to reprint the email and text back-and-forth between me and the groom! When I asked how they knew my music, he described the most convoluted many-branched rabbit-hole of events that led him and his wife-to-be to become fans, involving LP hunting expeditions at my favorite record store, Down Home Music in El Cerrito, CA. 

For many a year now, I have been lucky to claim the Saturday after Thanksgiving at the Freight and Salvage, here in my hometown of Berkeley. This time, I am celebrating still being here by delving back into the past and reviving some lost gems from the Olden Days. Joining me will be my wonderful band, the Right Hands, and some very special guest stars. It might not be too late for you to request your favorite deep-catalog song.

A couple of months ago, I told you about my beautiful new Preston Thompson guitar, and asked if anyone knew why I decided to name it Buttermilk. Most people wrote back about the sweet, tangy taste of that drink, comparing it to the sound. Some commented that that was the name of Dale Evans' lovely buckskin mare, and perhaps it had something to do with the color. But only careful reader Rodney Smith put it all together:

For a cowboy/cowgirl their horse is their faithful companion
For a musician their faithful companion would be their axe.
                            Some guy named Willie has already used Trigger.

Yes, that's it. In a bow to Willie Nelson's faithful guitar, Trigger, we refer to her as Buttermilk.

And lastly, we're having a sale! All Spruce and Maple label CDs are now $10 each, through December! Details below.

If you are anywhere near our traveling route, please come see us if you can. And fight for our clear water, clean air, and wild places. 

Laurie Lewis

SAT, NOV 25, 8:00 PM 
Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands:
Tom Rozum, Patrick Sauber, Brandon Godman, and Sam Grisman
Annual Thanksgiving Concert
Freight and Salvage 
Berkeley, CA

Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands
Los Angeles area House Concert

SAT, DEC 9, 8:00 PM 
Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands
Cal Tech Pasadena 
Pasadena Folk Music Society
We are so happy to be returning to Cal Tech for this concert series! Always a wonderful audience, and a chance for Patrick to sleep in his own bed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And while we're at it, Tom Rozum will be playing some special concerts coming up in December:
Tommy and the Rozumatics
Brittany Haas, Tristan Clarridge, and Simon Chrisman

House Concert 
Palo Alto, CA
Reservation required. Contact

FRI, DEC 22, 8:00 PM
The Back Room
1984 Bonita Ave
Berkeley, CA
(510) 654-3808

with special guest Laurie Lewis
Loch Lomond Roadhouse
10336 Loch Lomond Rd #136, 
Loch Lomond, CA
(707) 928-5512

Beach Art
Lovely mixed-media modern art on the beach at Del Mar.
Laurie Lewis Holiday Sale

That's right, folks! We are offering CDs from the Spruce and Maple Music catalog for $10 each (plus S&H)

* The Hazel and Alice

* Skippin' and Flyin'
* One Evening in May
* Blossoms
* Birdsong
* Steam and Steel
* Laurie & Kathy Sing the
  Songs of Vern & Ray
* Alice Gerrard-Bittersweet

Order Here

Last August, the Right Hands played on the great West Virginia radio show, sharing the stage with Tom Paxton and the Don Juans (Jon Vezner and Don Henry), Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer, Bill Kirchen, and the Early Mays. It was a great show, and we are happy to be able to share it with you now.


Tatiana Hargreaves, Tom Rozum, Max Schwartz, Laurie Lewis, Justin Hiltner
Tatiana Hargreaves, Tom Rozum, Max Schwartz, Laurie Lewis, Justin Hiltner
photo by Brian Blauser
Laurie Lewis High Sierra Rambles

I have started up my blog, High Sierra Rambles, again, with a tale about a 5-day jaunt along the south rim of Yosemite Valley in mid-June. You can follow along here:

High Sierra Rambles
QuickSilver Productions

Interested in tracking us down to play for you? Please inquire through Quicksilver.
East of the Mississippi, contact Martha Dantzic, (202) 669-3818 cell
West of the Mississippi, contact Rob Miller, (970) 260-6493