Blossoms by Laurie Lewis


SMM 2005


Here Today


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Laurie Lewis with many others, including Tom Rozum, Kathy Kallick, Kate MacLeod, Scott Huffman, Craig Smith, Alex Hargreaves, Tristan Clarridge, Brian Rice, Nina Gerber, Todd Sickafoose, Annie, Marie, & Jeannie Burns, Tom and Ray Magliozzi, Tim O'Brien, David Grier, Todd Phillips, Brittany Haas, Suzy Thompson, Patrick Sauber, Andrew Conklin, Chad Manning, Darol Anger, Roy Rogers, Billy Lee Lewis, Noe Venable, Art Hirahara, Jim Rothermel, John Gove, and Ches Smith

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How Can I Keep From Singing? * Lark in the Morning * Chains of Letters * Cool Your Jets * The Roughest Road * Burley Coulter's Song for Kate Helen Branch * Unfinished Life * Sophie's House * Beaver Creek * Return to the Fire * Here Today * Train of Love * Tell Me True * Sirens