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Laurie & Kathy Sing the Songs of Vern & Ray SMM 1012

Laurie & Kathy Sing the Songs of Vern & Ray

The rough beauty of that original Vern & Ray music is gone, though not completely or forever, because much of what they created lingers on......>>More


Country Mile SMM 1011

American Nomad

American Nomad, the musical brain child of singer-songwriters Hassan El-Tayyab and Shiloh Parkerson, is an award winning acoustic group firmly rooted in the flourishing Bay Area Americana scene.....>>More



Kindred Lines SMM 1010

T Sisters

The TSisters are an authenic family band from Oakland, California. The group’s subtle throwback aesthetic calls to mind classic trios past, from the Andrews Sisters and 1960′s girl groups to the sirens from the film O Brother, Where Art Thou?....>>More



One Evening in May SMM 1009

One Eveing in May

The CD, recorded live at the Freight and Salvage on May 8, 2013, features Nina Gerber on electric guitar; and Tom Rozum on mandolin, mandola, guitar and vocals; and me of course, on guitar, fiddle and vocals. Joining us are the T Sisters and Tristan Clarridge. The 15 songs include many written on my retreat in Wyoming......>>More



Bittersweet SMM 1008

Bittersweet by Alice Gerrard

Alice Gerrard's first solo album in 10 years, and a step in a new direction for her: all the songs are original. Performed by a cast of award-winning musicians and produced by Laurie Lewis......>>More



Steam and Steel: Songs of Railroad's Golden Age SMM 2007

Steam and Steel: Songs of Railroad's Golden Age produced by Laurie Lewis

A collection of ten songs inspired by historic stories and tales of the Golden Age of the Steam Locomotive, written by train historian Ken Hojnacki and performed by a cast of award-winning bluegrass musicians, produced by Laurie Lewis. ...... >>More


Skippin' and Flyin' ~ Laurie Lewis SMM 2006

Skippin' and Flyin' by Laurie Lewis

September 13, 2011 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Bill Monroe, the "father" of bluegrass music, and I send this collection out into the World in celebration of his life and music. In putting together this album, I often thought about Bill and his influence on my music ...... >>More


Blossoms ~ Laurie Lewis SMM 2005

Blossoms by Laurie Lewis

Laurie Lewis with many others, including Tom Rozum, Kathy Kallick, Kate MacLeod, Scott Huffman, Craig Smith, Alex Hargreaves, Tristan Clarridge, Brian Rice, Nina Gerber, Todd Sickafoose, Annie, Marie, & Jeannie Burns, Tom and Ray Magliozzi, Tim O'Brien ...... >>More


Live ~ Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands SMM 2004

Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands

"A product of the Bay Area's bluegrass scene, Laurie exemplifies the genre's universal appeal, even as she remains true to its regionalist origins. A superb multi-instrumentalist, Laurie with her group (the Right Hands) displays its light touch and impeccable taste ...... >>More


Laurie Lewis ~ Birdsong SMM 2002

Bird Song by Laurie Lewis A compilation of eleven songs that have in common abundant bird imagery. All profits go to Audubon Canyon Ranch. For more information visit their website......... >>More


Winter's Grace SMM 2003

Winter's Grace by Tom rozum and laurie Lewis "Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum celebrate not just the Christmas holiday, but the entire winter solstice season... they explore winter's beauty, joys and hardships. Winter's Grace is one ......... >>More


Laurie Lewis ~ Kristin's Story SMM 2001

Laurie Lewis, Kristin's Story This charming and imaginative tale for young listeners was written by my dad, Louis W. Lewis, for my older sister when she was little. That's been some time ago now, but the music and ...... >>More