Steam and Steel: Songs of Railroad's Golden Age produced by Laurie Lewis

Steam and Steel: Songs of Railroad's Golden Age

SMM 2007


Old Saginaw


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A collection of ten songs inspired by historic stories and tales of the Golden Age of the Steam Locomotive, written by train historian Ken Hojnacki and performed by a cast of award-winning bluegrass musicians, produced by Laurie Lewis.


Featuring Laurie Lewis (vocals, fiddle), Tom Rozum (vocals, mandolin), Scott Huffman (vocals, guitars), Patrick Sauber (banjo), Chad Manning (fiddle), Bobby Black (steel & resophonic guitars), and Andrew Conklin (string bass).


Strikingly packaged with original art by Genevieve Davis, this collection is the perfect addition to any gift shop or catalogue.


"Through the sounds of old-time mountain music, bluegrass, and early country music, Laurie Lewis beautifully interprets Ken Hojnacki's timeless songs. This one will not leave your CD player!"


Ray Edlund
"Pig In A Pen"
KPFA Radio


"What a pleasure it is to hear this bygone era come alive again to the sounds of banjos, fiddles, guitars, and bass. The singing throughout is soulful and evocative."


Kimberly Baker
California State Park Superintendent
Railtown 1897 State Historic Park


Song Titles

Old Saginaw * Denver & Rio Grande* Memories, Childhood Days * The Wreck of the No. 9 * Passenger Train * Rutland Road * East Broad Top * The O & W Line * The Ballad of Bill Strauss * Four Ribbons of LIght