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Individual song and tune downloads from our self-produced CD's and our deep catalog, as well as the "best of" from live shows.


The charge is $0.99/single download and $10.00/album download. As we go back through the archives, we will be adding some live cuts from over the years. Please let us know what you think, and what you'd like to have made available this way. We're listening.


Downloads from CDs:

Single Recordings (Not available on album or cd)

  • Ula Ai Hawane
    (Laurie Lewis/Spruce and Maple Music, ASCAP)
    Laurie Lewis: lead vocal, guitar
    Richard Bennett: Hawaiian guitar
    Rick Cunha: ukulele
    Todd Phillips: string bass
    Tom Rozum, Julay Brooks, Rick Cunha: harmony vocals

    This song, inspired by the music of Kalama's Quartet, recites the names of some of Hawaii's extinct birds: Ula Ai Hawane, Akialoa, Kaka Wahie, Kioea, and O'o.

    Trouble in Mind
    Laurie Lewis with Lost Weekend western swing band, recorded at the Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA, March 13, 1992 from their live CD, "Swingin' Out West"
    Personnel:Bobby Black- steel guitar, Chris Grampp- lead guitar, Don Burnham- rhythm guitar, Kevin Wimmer- fiddle, Doug Harman- piano, Bing Nathan- bass, "Buffalo Bill" Maginnis- drums, Jim Rothermel- reeds, Jack Minger- trumpet, Bob Mielke- trombone
    (Laurie Lewis/Spruce and Maple Music, ASCAP)
    Laurie Lewis: fiddle, guitar, vocal; Tom Rozum: mandola;
    Kathy Kallick: harmony vocal

  • Jubilee


    Co-produced by Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum - Tom's auspicious debut cd.

    Don't Fix up the Doghouse 103
    (D.Helms, B. Gazzaway/Acuff Rose, OMG, BMI) Tom Rozum- Mandolin, vocal Herb Pedersen- banjo, harmony vocal Darol Anger- fiddle David Grier- guitar Todd Phillips- bass
    Jubilee 104
    (M. Simos/Devachan Music, BMI)
    Tom Rozum- mandolins, vocal, Darol Anger- fiddles, Mike Marshall- guitar, Todd Phillips- bass
    One Sweet Hello 105
    (M. Haggard/ Blue Book Music, BMI)
    Tom Rozum- guitar, mandolin, vocal, Laurie Lewis- harmony vocal, Rob Ickes- dobro, Todd Phillips- bass
    Sweet Sally Brown 106
    (R. Stanley, W. Smith/ Soil, BMI)
    Tom Rozum- mandolin, vocal, Laurie Lewis- fiddle, harmony vocal, Herb Pedersen- harmony vocal, Craig Smith- banjo, Mary Gibbons- guitar, Todd Phillips- bass
    On the Old Kentucky Shore 107
    (Bill Monroe/Bill Monroe Music, BMI)
    Tom Rozum- mandolin, vocal, Laurie Lewis- guitar, vocal, Charles Sawtelle- guitar, Bobby Hicks- fiddle, Todd Phillips- bass
    Muddy Weather / Jefferson City 108
    Tom Rozum- mandolin, Craig Smith- banjo, Mary Gibbons- guitar, Laurie Lewis- fiddle, Todd Phillips- bass
    Love is a Lonely Street 109
    (Barrett, Cunningham/Acuff-Rose/OMG, BMI) Tom Rozum- guitar, mandolin Laurie Lewis, Sylvia Herold- harmony vocals Mike Marshall- lead guitar Rob Ickes- dobro Todd Phillips- bass
    Without My Walking Stick 110
    (I. Berlin/Irving Berlin Music Corp, ASCAP)
    Tom Rozum- mandolin, vocal Mike Marshall- guitar, Todd Phillips- bass
    Ramblin' Blues 111
    (J. L. Franke, Pee Wee King/Ridgeway Music, BMI)
    Tom Rozum- electric 5-string mandolin, vocal Rob Ickes- lap steel Darol Anger- fiddle Laurie Lewis- bass, harmony vocal
    Mason's Lament 112
    (C. Brashear/ House Of Hollis Music, ASCAP)
    Tom Rozum- mandolin, vocal Peter McLaughlin- guitar, baritone vocal Laurie Lewis- tenor vocal Cary Black- bass vocal
    Walk Downtown 113
    (D. Olney/ David Olney Songs, BMI)
    Tom Rozum- mandolin, vocal, David Grier- guitar
    Darol Anger- fiddle, Laurie Lewis- 2nd fiddle, Todd Phillips- bass, Herb Pedersen- harmony vocal
    Treasures Untold 114
    (E. Cozzens, J. Rodgers/ Peer International, BMI)
    Tom Rozum- guitar, vocal Rob Ickes- dobro