Daisy Caire ~ Chasin’ After the Wind


In Chasin’ After the Wind, Daisy Caire has produced a beautiful, soulful, and mature debut that not only features her powerful singing, songwriting, and rhythm guitar playing but also establishes her as one of the most exciting of today’s young virtuoso bluegrass guitarists, with a full, rich sound and a thoughtful, fluid style devoid of clichés and licks but full of melody and invention.
— Scott Nygaard

Daisy’s music has feeling! I feel it and you will too. She takes the risk of showing a bit of herself, and we reap the rewards. I’m sure this is just the beginning of a long and rich musical journey.
— David Grier

Caire possesses a lovely sense of innocence and playfulness that’s simply irresistible. It comes through clearly in both her vocal mannerisms and her original songs.
— Bluegrass Unlimited

… the next big thing from the fertile ground of Northern California
— Bluegrass Today

© Laurie Lewis 2021