Steve Edmunds ~ Lonesome on the Ground


“Steve Edmunds’ collection of self-penned songs, Lonesome on the Ground, makes me wish I was in California… warm and easy feeling, making music with good friends. (I think people who say unkind things about California are mad, because they’re cold.) Steve’s album was produced by Laurie Lewis, who also accompanies him, along with a can’t be beat bunch, including Nina Gerber on guitar, Barbara Higbie at the piano, Tom Rozum on mandolin, and a cast of sterling supporting players. Steve explores love, loss, alienation, and longing, singing with style and grace. (My particular favorite is “Rockabye Moon,” a kind of lullaby that reminds us of how we need fathers to sing to their children.) Sit and listen, and wherever you are, you’ll be transported to a warm summer night, sitting around a campfire, drinking good wine with friends, and rocking gently to a Western tune.”
~ Rosalie Sorrels

© Laurie Lewis 2021