Laurie Lewis

“TREES is a long-play journey, a vinyl trek, inviting each of us to put the needle to the record and join her as she traverses the Sierra Nevada or rafts the Tuolumne River. It’s not simply a metaphor or parable, it’s not merely an introspective, emotional inventory, it’s not a performative challenge to the powers and systems that be – powers and systems that leave us alone to encounter, interpret, and reckon with such grief and loss. This LP is all of these things together, at the same time, held in place by a remarkable linchpin and a gorgeous, maternal tree under which all of us can learn, grow, and flourish. Each of us on this beautiful, complicated Earth should count ourselves lucky to encounter trees as stately and as nurturing as Laurie Lewis.”

Available as CD, LP, and download.

© Laurie Lewis 2021