Charles Sawtelle ~ Music from Rancho de Ville


This posthumously released CD was partially completed when Charles died of leukemia in 1999. His best friend, Laurie Lewis, finished up the project and brought along many of the top names in bluegrass and old-time music, including David Grisman, Jerry Douglas, Norman Blake, Michael Doucet and Flaco Jimenez. And they honor their fallen comrade with inspired performances on, not just bluegrass but old-time, Cajun, even Tex-Mex music. More than an artifact of his interests, this CD shows Sawtelle to be a true and vital contemporary acoustic music artist who, with great respect for tradition, created adventurous, thoroughly enjoyable music. I was touched by the affectionate comments in the liner notes by his peers about Charles as a person and about his dedication and integrity as a musician. And it shows. This is just a damn fine CD. Released Feb. ’01. Reviewed by Kevin Russell.


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