(Laurie Lewis’) poetic invocations of living nature are some of the most moving I’ve heard.
~ Barbara Kingsolver
from the liner notes of “Calling Me Home,” by Kathy Mattea.

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“In June of 1998, I assembled this band to celebrate the release of my then-new album, Seeing Things (Rounder 0428). The nights were electric, magical, and sometimes pretty darned loose, as we had had only one rehearsal. All these years later, stumbling on this recording, I am so pleased with the freshness of the music that I just had to share it with you.”
Laurie Lewis, October 2021

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  • Reconstructing the Trail Home November 17, 2022
    August 14 Like so many journals I keep, the last day of the trip never gets written up. We rejoin the busy, urban world, and I don’t have that time to sit and relate the day’s events. So I am just going to have to go by my faulty memory of that day. I recall […]
  • Wherein I walk my shoes off November 8, 2022
    August 13 At 9:00 PM last night, I definitely smelled smoke in the air. I know it’s a long ways off, wherever it is, but I got anxious and couldn’t sleep. I lay in my bag plotting escape routes, and figuring how quickly we could get going if need be. Not good for sleeping. Plus, […]
  • The Ups and Downs November 7, 2022
    August 12 Today was a long day, from McGee Lake to the south fork of Cathedral Creek. Lots of up and down, and I felt pretty good all day. But B was suffering from her blistered foot and got very tired. I ended up waiting for her for long stretches of time—long enough that I […]
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