(Laurie Lewis’) poetic invocations of living nature are some of the most moving I’ve heard.
~ Barbara Kingsolver
from the liner notes of “Calling Me Home,” by Kathy Mattea.

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“In June of 1998, I assembled this band to celebrate the release of my then-new album, Seeing Things (Rounder 0428). The nights were electric, magical, and sometimes pretty darned loose, as we had had only one rehearsal. All these years later, stumbling on this recording, I am so pleased with the freshness of the music that I just had to share it with you.”
Laurie Lewis, October 2021

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  • Ghosts of the Walls July 9, 2023
    July 5, 2022 After writing yesterday’s blog, I remembered a few little things that I hadn’t written down. So here they are. First, a tale of trade routes long gone. In our near-perfect campsite at Garnet Lake, Emily found a knapped shard of obsidian. The closest place to mine obsidian is probably 150 miles north […]
  • Independence Day 2022 July 7, 2023
    July 4, 2022 Today, I forgot to write anything in my journal. So the 2023 me is just winging it, based on the photos, a map, and my possibly faulty memory. Here goes: We awoke to the most beautiful morning. Perfectly still lake and clear blue skies. After lazing around camp and taking breakfast overlooking […]
  • A Good Decision July 6, 2023
    July 3, 2022 What a night! The wind started howling through the trees above us at about 9:00 PM. I thought they would abate, but they lasted almost all night, letting up at times but never being still. I am so grateful that we moved from Thousand Island Lake, where we would certainly have been […]
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